Who didn’t as a child see a wedding cake topped with bride-and-groom figurines? Coated with glazing and sugar flowers, these figurines stand not only for conjugal love but also for the American Dream. Even today, getting married, having children and a house remain a standard of individual achievement in society.

The Right Family takes up, in its own way, the ideal of the average family. If you look closely, though, you can see that nothing is working. The bride might hold a bouquet and wear a traditional white dress, but the groom is clad in Bermuda shorts and sneakers. The boy looks like he just stepped off the sports field, while the tutu-wearing girl resembles a fairy. And what about the infant doubled over like a foetus? Naked and isolated from the others, the infant seems to want to have nothing do with the life it’s been born into. Which is not at all the case with the dog, poised almost menacingly at the top of the cake. Look from a different angle and you’ll notice the absence of colours and motifs; the figurines at the base are 3D models of photographs. The cake, the figurines, even the light bulbs – everything here is as fake as the American dream. THE RIGHT FAMILY, is it really what it’s meant to be?