Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day or the Labour Day represent, since a long time, opportunities for traders to promote their products on sale. TV ads, discount coupons, aerial banners, all means are good to convince us to buy, including weekly flyers. In French, “circulaire” means both “circular” and “weekly flyers”; I opted for the genre to dismantle its mechanisms. Consisting of four pages, including a double page in the middle, Circulaire intends to offer cheap garden clothes to enjoy sunny days. Substantial discounts (up 50%), loyalty card (The Program), marketing strategies are here repeated and amplified.

Made from unknown person photographs, Circulaire combines fixed attitudes and forced smiles of those who posed for the camera with slogan of promotional brochures.
Eat, smile, greet, being worried are redoubling what images are already transmitting, thus blocking any new interpretation. Literal translation was used for the transition from one language to another, ignoring the different senses which recall bad translations of bilingual leaflets. Save. Live Better, says the slogan like what happiness is always a question of money.