Les Louise Capet

As members of Les Louise Capet collective, Noémie da Silva and Marie Dauverné exchange and develop creative multidisciplinary projects where various techniques mix and mingle, from the alteration of images to video to drawing and sculpture. They mainly work with salvaged materials, technologies that are sometimes outmoded and images that have been found.

Confessions halogènes

This exhibition project was influenced by personal experiences related to death, to mourning and to the way in which we remain linked with what once was, despite physical or temporal distance.

We work mainly with found objects and recycle them. We seek to discover the poetic and sensual potential hidden within images, objects and words which we collect here and there. For this current exhibition, we have reused a number of the dozens of wood crates which were used to transport the collections of the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec to the new Reserve located in the basement of the Bibliothèque du Boisé. Using this material, we conceived a wall of images in the form of a ‘constellation’. We recreated a number of miniature scenes which evoke the fragmentary and mysterious way in which memory builds, deforms and recreates past experiences.

In order to recreate these images, we selected a few slides from our collection which includes thousands of images taken over several years. We experimented with different associations by superimposing two, three, or up to five images and drawings.

The Museum also allowed us to used their luminous bases with glass covers, which are usually used to exhibit objects. Those objects that we are presenting here have practically no commercial or museum value. These objects are almost hidden from view; what we are showcasing here is their sentimental value.