My name is Noémie da Silva and I love photographs, obsolete technologies and new digital media. Using images and objects, found or invented, I remodel the reality by creating small stagings that question our relationship to photography and its game of illusions. My artistic work probes the photographic medium and its products to address overconsumption and overproduction of images in everyday life. I work mainly with photomontage and installation.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQÀM (2008) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in photography from Concordia University (2005), I also received several honors (FQRSC and CIAM scholarships, The Gabor Szilasi Prize). My work is represented by the gallery La Castiglione and is part of private and public collections including the City of Montreal and the HBC Foundation.

I am actively involved in the network of artist-run centers. In the absence of a center dedicated to photographic production in Montreal, I co-founded in 2012 le Cabinet, espace de production photographique that I was also coordinating until 2015. In 2016 the center joined Atelier Graff to became L’imprimerie, centre d’artiste where I am still involved and create my artistic work.

I am based in Montreal, Canada.